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Enabling the optical digital input for an audio source

If you connect digital audio from an external device to your 3·2·1 media center using an optical cable, you must assign the source that will receive the digital audio signal through that connection. For example, if you connect the digital audio from a cable or satellite box to the media center using an optical cable, you must assign the optical connection to the CBL∙SAT source.

You should also connect analog audio cables (red and white RCA) to the CBL∙SAT L (left) and R (right) audio inputs on the media center. If the digital signal is interrupted, the analog connection will ensure continuous audio play.

To assign the optical connection, follow these steps:

Turn your TV on.

using your 3·2·1 system remote, turn your 3·2·1 system on by pressing on/off.

press the system button on the remote. the system menu appears on the tv.

press the right arrow to highlight the "media center" icon.

press the down arrow to highlight "optical source."

press the right arrow. "none" is highlighted.

press the up arrow or down arrow to select the source that is to receive the digital audio signal: "tv," "cbl∙sat" or "aux."

press enter.

press exit to leave the menu.

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