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Setting parental controls

The parental control feature of the system allows you to restrict access to DVD movies according to their ratings.

To set the parental control, follow these steps:

Turn the TV on and select the correct TV input

on the remote, press system

press the right arrow to highlight "dvd lock"

press enter

on the remote, use buttons 1 through 9 to enter a four digit password

Enter the same four digits again in the new password block that appears

Note: If a password has already been created, enter your four digit password

use the up arrow and down arrow to highlight "lock discs rated above"

press the right arrow and the up arrow or down arrow to select the desired restriction level

press enter to confirm your selection and then press exit to leave the menu

Parental control setting MPAA rating Audience restriction
8   None
7 NC-17 Adult audiences
6 R Mature audiences
5   Mature teenage audiences
4 PG-13 Teenage audiences
3 PG Mature young audiences
2   Most audiences
1 G General

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