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Using the settings menu

The settings menu provides status information for the current source, and also provides access to the sleep timer, audio setup and system setup menus as well.

To access the settings menu, follow these steps:

Turn on both the media center and your TV, and select the correct TV input to view video from your 3∙2∙1 system.

on the remote, press settings. a menu of the available settings for the current source will be displayed on your tv screen.

Sleep Timer

Your system includes a sleep timer which can be set to turn your system off automatically after 10 to 90 minutes of listening to any source.

To set the sleep timer, follow these steps:

on the remote, use the tune buttons to highlight "sleep timer."

press the seek arrows to select the desired number in 10 minute intervals.

press settings to exit the menu.

Audio Setup

Note: Not all audio setup options are available in all sources.

selection settings description
movie eq

on: sets proper equalization for this particular movie.


off: default audio settings.

range compression

on: automatically adjusts the volume so you can hear soft sounds (particularly dialogue) and are not overwhelmed by loud special effects, like an explosion. this feature is normally engaged when you set the system to dvd, video 1, video 2, or aux.


off: range compression not active.

mono decoding

on: automatically engages bose® videostage® decoding circuitry when a dolby digital bitstream indicates that it contains a mono program. this feature can process a one-channel program in multi-speaker sound, directing the signals so that dialogue remains locked onscreen, while music and ambient effects fill the room.


off: mono decoding not active.

audio status displays system audio information for the current source.

System Setup

The System Setup menu lists options for how to set up the entire system.

selection settings description
display language presents onscreen display menus in the selected language.
dvd setup provides a selection of options, including parental control, for the dvd.
video format

ntsc: sets video format to the us standard.


pal: sets video format to the european standard.

video black level

normal: sets black level required for most tvs.


extended: sets black level that may be appropriate for dvd playback.

DVD Play Options when playing a DVD

selection settings description
title: select the movie title.
chapter: select the movie chapter.
title time: current time/place in the movie.
time display:

elapsed: the onscreen dvd status and the media center display show how long the movie has been playing.


remaining: the onscreen dvd status and the media center display show how much longer the movie has left to play.

motion control: chooses forward or backward direction and speed for dvd playback.
audio track: chooses from the available soundtracks on the dvd. additional soundtracks may contain different languages or alternate audio formats.
camera angle: chooses one of the available camera angles on the dvd.
more... displays next page of menu items.

on: displays subtitles, if available, along the lower screen edge.


off: hides subtitles.

subtitle language: chooses one of the available languages for display of subtitles.

ab repeat

repeats a specified section of a movie:

1. press enter at the beginning of the section you want to repeat


2. move forward or back to another point in the movie


3. press enter again


replay ends when you press enterplay, or stop

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